Yesterday was the last day that all of my best friends and I will be in the same room together before Christmas, just how sad is that. That is somewhere around one hundred and forty days (the number seems bigger if you write it out lol) but CRAZY. WAY TOO LONG. We had a fancy dinner last night at Katie's house and it was heartbreaking when we all had to go home. Also, lets just talk about how we all color coordinated coincidentally, you know your squad is the best when your color pallet is on point.

Anyway, just thought I would share some photos of us throughout the years. God I'm going to miss them like CRAZY. I'm not ready for this separation.
And then a few favorites from last night...
I love my squad so so SO much.
To my #1 Squad: I wish you all the best in your adventures at school. May there be ups and downs and roundabouts to toss you around, forcing you to find yourself and discover your passions and greatest desires. I hope you fall wildly in love, there may be heart break, there may be melt downs, but know that we always have each other in the end to pull you back to the surface and make things good again. No matter what happens down the road, there will always be a constant comfort in our love. The friendship I have made with you all is the best relationship I have ever had in my entire life, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Sending all my love to you now and forever. Christmas will be here before we know it. Love always, Olivia 


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