Four Years of Hair

HELLO! So today I went in to my hair salon for a consultation about something new I have in the works for my hair!! It's been on my mind for basically EVER, and now it is finally happening! I'm super excited, but thought I'd keep it hush hush until it's done and I can show it off! So in honor of doing something fun and new with my hair, I thought I'd share with you the evolution of my hair over the past four years, and to remind all you lovely people out there that if you want to do something with your hair, DO IT, don't fear the cut, it grows back! Don't fear a dye, there are other dyes to fix it if something goes wrong!! Hair is something that I think is begging to be experimented with, knowing that even if the box says permanent, with hair, nothing is, so why not play around with it!!! Now let's take it back a few years...
If you remember, wayyyy back in the winter of 2012, I started All Those Little Things off STRONG with some REALLY bad bangs. Cut by yours truly, they were thick, and my hair was too wavy, bangs were not a good idea. And yet for some reason, I still continue to tell people that I cut my own hair and that, "Oh I can totally cut yours, IM REALLY GOOD AT IT." People please, do not trust me.
Then, in 2013 Emma and I decided it would be a fun cute idea to ombré our hair! And I'm not going to lie, the whole process was really fun, we had to dye it three times before we got our final results, which I actually was pretty proud of. In the photo above, I'm the one on the right, and I must say, when I curled my hair, it looked pretty okay.
But I guess I got tired of it quickly when I chopped it all clean off that spring of 2013. This cut was choppy and ultimately a mistake. But I guess all the layers and little spikes then made it good for growing out..?? Who knows, I think I look like a total nerd, and this is the best picture I could find...
But HEY then SURPRISE! I'm blonde at the end of summer 2013! The one question I have for my past self is OLIVIA WHAT IN THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING. This was easily my biggest hair mistake thus far. I'm sure blonde if professionally done and done correctly could/would be nice! It would be great! But not if you dump a whole freaking bottle of SunIn in your hair and then the next day just bleach the crap out of it and call it blonde... only for it to turn STRAIGHT UP ORANGE. Orange with dark roots. SO flattering, let me just enlighten you with a photo of how awful that was:
I'm serious guys, if you don't have the supplies for toning and touch ups or are not a professional, don't dye your hair pumpkin orange, oh uh I mean blonde. Even in this photo I look so freaking done, bags under my eyes, soft smile, orange head, just over it all.... that's what box blonde does to you folks! 
And YEAH so being 1000% done with that so called "blonde" mess, in early 2014 I went to a pro to match my roots and dye it back to my natural color, while also giving me a "Katie Holmes" inspired haircut. My hair was dyed red, like a weird deep red, not my natural color, and I looked nothing like Katie Holmes, my disappointment level was pretty high. So much for taking it to the pros am I right?
However, the color faded and my roots had really grown in, so where the "blonde" was turned light brown and my roots were dark and I had this janky "natural ombre" it was weird... BUT in the summer of 2014 I decided to mix things all the way up and go PURPLE! Which actually lasted a very long time and was a lot lot lot of fun! Once again, Emma and I did it at home, which again, was a lot lot lot of fun. I really did like the purple quite a bit.
But all good things must come to an end... or so I thought, when that winter of 2014 I joined the pixie cut bandwagon! I thought that would mean the end of all things purple, but no, no matter how short I went, it still covered the back of my head. Which I didn't really like because it made me look super *edgy* if you will, and that just wasn't really my style, but whatever, the cut was cute and it all grows out right?
Wrong. As you can see here, on the right at the bottom is a little strip of... what's that...? PURPLE!!! And I still have it to this day. That little streak has not and will not go away. It's faint, but shows up for a sneak attack every now and then in photos. I got so tired of it to the point where I just, without bleaching, in hopes to get an all around faint purple look on the tips of my hair, I used the remaining dye (that I somehow still had from the first go round) to do a little purple ombré this January:
It's hard to even tell it's there, but it is... and it faded quickly, however that one spot NEVER. EVER. LEFT. So that's cool I guess... whatever. I'll live, it's just hair.
But hold up hold up HOLD UP, were those BANGS you saw two photos ago? YES. Okay so I went on a little fast forward tangent with the whole purple thing, but last September of 2015 I did it again, I done did it once more!! I cut my own, awful, horrid, all around terrible bangs. There were good days yes, but those were rare... EXTREMELY rare. What was I thinking? I do not know. I think I thought it would some how be better? That I knew my mistakes from the first time I cut them and that I would make it better somehow this time? Olivia, newsflash, you are no hair stylist or beauty guru, this is not your forte, quit while you're ahead with the bangs kid. Geez...  Yet I love bangs so much, but know how bad they are on me that conversations with Ally go like this... 
That was just a few days ago... thanks Ally. Real friends right there
And here we are today! My hair is the longest and most natural it's ever been, yet on the 6th I'm going to flip that switch and make things not so natural, hopefully it will be somewhat natural looking but there is color involved for sure :) I love my hair right now, but you know me, I'm always in the mood to mix things up and this is something I've wanted to do for a very long time! I can't wait to show you guys!!
Also, just for kicks, remember when I started my blog and thought I was going to be a beauty blogger? Yeah... Those were the days. This was my second post ever. The first was just another hair tutorial, what can I say, I was a pretty skilled stylist back in the day hahaha.

And that concludes the evolution of my hair over the past four years! I laughed a good bit looking back at all my weird hair styles, I hope you did too! xo 


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