dress- Shop Stevie // shoes- Forever 21 //

Hey sweet things! I know I said I'd post a few days ago, but it's Friday and here we are. It's whatevers, I'm here now and that's what counts right?! Saunders and I took these photos yesterday and let me tell you, it was about 99º outside, but it definitely felt like 1000º though. If you can't tell from these pics, (hopefully you can't) I was sweating BULLETS. And since I have kinda sorta really awful skin, when it's hot and I'm sweaty I get SO ITCHY. It's weird, eczema man, what are you going to do. So anyway, half the photos from this bundle are of me looking agitated scratching some part of my body, be it my leg, my arm or my neck. All super cute stuff!!

In other news, Ally and I went to our second and sadly, probably final, Shop Stevie pop up shop! They actually came to RVA this time! How fun!? That's where I got this dress, which I actually showed off in my most recent YouTube video. YT saw it first!!! If y'all aren't already, you should toooooottotollalally subscribe to my channel. Shout out to all 16 of my subscribers, y'all are loyal as heck, so thanks. Check it out HERE! <3 But isn't this dress just PERFECT?! I love it SO much, like so SOOOO much ugh, I love.

Do you guys have any new loves? Or a Youtube channel you want me to check out? Let me know in the comments below!! xo



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