HUGE HAUL // Long time no see :)

Dress- Shop Stevie // shoes- Converse // socks- Forever 21 // glasses- Beacon's Closet // necklace- Bear Ceramics

Hello Hello!! Long time no see! Did you like how in my last post I called it "Boulder Day One" and said I'd post more the next day and then never did? Yeah guys, I'm like REALLY good at blogging these days ;) And here's another example of how good I am, this post has been sitting in my drafts for over a month, so that's cool... But NOW I AM DEVOTED TO POSTING IT! I actually got a BUNCH of new clothes while in Boulder, so I have a lot of good content coming up which is EXCITING!! At least, I'm excited about it :) Hopefully you guys are too! That is if there are even any of you left, I feel like my follower count goes down every day I don't post, and my posts are so so few these days... sorry about that.

Anyway, Boulder was absolutely INCREDIBLE, like SOOOO incredible, every morning I wake up and wish I were back there. It is the most beautiful place on Earth, the happiest place on Earth, and the most full of love place on Earth. That's a lot! And while I was there (smooth transition) I bought a lot of clothes, so here is a new YouTube video for ya: A huge haul / try on vid!!! Check it out and subcribeee babies <3 lots of love, more posts tomorrow, I PROMISE xo

p.s. all these dope pics were taken by the one and only bro



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