Good Morning loves. I'm currently writing to you from a remote coffee shop in the middle of the woods, in a place that to most people would be the middle of nowhere, but to me is the center of the universe. With a million things happening in my life, this little trip was in the spur of the moment, yet very highly needed. It went a little something like this: Saturday morning, I was walking around the lake at University of Richmond, taking in all the nice smells of the lake and the trees, admiring the quite, noticing how pleasant it is when no one else is there. And that's when it hit me. I needed to be with the real lakes, in the place where the trees grow tall and never stop growing, where the mountains tower above you, watching as you come out of your shell and your spirit unfolds. I needed to go to camp. Immediately. So, just like that, I hopped into my car for a somehow speedy seven hour drive. I drove with my windows down, allowing the crisp mountain hair to whip in and out of my car blowing my hair in all directions. And even though I didn't return to Sapphire Valley this summer, the mountains treated me like I never left.

So, yes, I realize these photos are obviously not from camp, but I've had them up for a while, waiting for something to say. Sometimes you run out of things when the same thing happens everyday at home. I plan to stay here today here for the Fourth and then head back tomorrow. It was a sporadic hiatus from the real world, but a highly necessary one. xo


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