Life Lately

jumpsuit- Forever 21

goooOOOOD MORNING! Guys, life is so good right now, everyday I've been sleeping in yet still getting a lot done. Being productive feels SOO good. Like SO GOOD! I mean, it'll be little things, like trying a new recipe or hanging out with my best friend, or adventuring with Nate, I don't know, really anything! Just doing more, not sitting around watching YouTube all day or slumping in my little cove upstairs on the third floor, away from everyone else.

But lately, like has been busy and good. Just so so good. I got a new laptop last night, since mine got STOLLEN (still very bitter. If my thief is out there on MY computer reading this... I hope you accidentally trip into a vat of garlic and get garlic in your eyes, cause let me tell you GARLIC IN THE EYES IS NOT FUN.) Ha! Okay I officially sound like a crazy person... Anyway, I got a new laptop and it is so speedy and so sleek and OOOH! I am totally geeking out about it still. This is my first ever ME computer, all my computers before have been owned by my school, but now I'M the admin and only I can control what happens here mwahahaha... okay. That's enough

These photos were taken by my cousin in New Orleans last weeeek (was it last week? jeez I've been doing so much I don't even know) And I just love them! I know I posted one of these photos on Instagram a million years ago and was like, "New Post coming Sooooon! ;)" and then soon was like eighty years later, well it's here now, so enjoyyyyy.


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