Blue House Tour

top- Chicos // jeans, shoes, glasses- Forever 21

HEY! Surprise! I'm in New Orleans!!!!

Okay that technically is a lie as I sit here at my mom's makeshift desk in our just liveable new house in Richmond. However, this time yesterday I was in good ol' Nola when these photos were taken by my cousin. (Thanks btw Harrison) I was only in town for five days staying with my cousins, the trip flew by. I went down to LA to help my aunt with putting together her capsule collection, so modeling her dresses, and fixing up her site. All good things! I met some good people, ate a whole bunch of good food and had an all around good time! My trip was for sure way to short though, I must go back soon!!

While we were trying to find places to take these photos Harrison and I decided this would be the "Blue House Photoshoot" and we scouted out all the best blue houses in the Bywater area. Everything is SO colorful there! I wanted to scoop it up and just bring it back with me to RVA, too many bricks here... waaaaayyy too many bricks.
Okay, so here's some fun news. This summer since I'm not going to camp and I have a million and one jobs and places to be, blog posts will probably get a little bit behind. I leave for New York tomorrow (only one day to breathe inbetween travels SOS) but I still have two more posts from New Orleans to upload. So just bear with me. My instagram and blog will not match up. If you are really curious as to where I actually am, Instagram is the best for that. But just know that these posts are going to start to get a little backed up until I'm home for a second to breathe. THANK YOU xoxoxox I love you guys :)


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