Afternoon Light

top- Old Navy // shoes- Hidden Fashion

Hello Hello! Good Morning lovelies :) Yesterday Ally and I took these photos around my yard right at the beginning of magic hour. Unfortunately, my 50mm lens (my favorite lens) was brutally crushed and broke literally in HALF! Very uncool... BUT! It gave us the chance to actually use my macro lens for once, and I really really love how these turned out :) I think in honor of moving in the next few weeks, I am going to try to take most of my photos in my yard and at my house, just so I have some good last shots before we have to go. Ugh everything is changing so fast! Graduation, moving, leaving... BLAH! Soooo much to doooo, SO little time!!

I absolutely love this outfit. Ally just had her senior portraits done wearing this shirt, and when I saw the photos I knew I had to get my little paws on it. She wore it with some white capris, but white overalls are just as good right?! I loooovveee these overalls, as you all know, this is not the first time I've posted them... hehehehe... Honestly this has been the first sunny day in probably four weeks. Like you'd think I'm kidding, but I'm not, like... at all... The whole rainy thing was cute for like a day, but four weeks? Come on mother nature, what gives?! Glad I was able to take advantage of the ONE sunny day this spring has to offer.
Sending all my love! Have a stellar weekend y'all :)


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