Hey fam! I know this photo is soooooy old, but when I asked where our American Flag was, I was informed that it has already been packed, therefor, new American Flag photos will not be happening today. A lot has happened just in this past week. I graduated, went to party after party after party aft…


Hello friends, happy sunday! So I guess you guys really like morning routine videos, so here's another one!! (Lol, I've made three...) Okay well enjoy! <3

Afternoon Light

top- Old Navy // shoes- Hidden Fashion

Hello Hello! Good Morning lovelies :) Yesterday Ally and I took these photos around my yard right at the beginning of magic hour. Unfortunately, my 50mm lens (my favorite lens) was brutally crushed and broke literally in HALF! Very uncool... BUT! It gave us t…


HELLO!! Wow, I know, what you're thinking... "Olivia?! Is it really you? Can it really be you?! You're ALIVE?! Well yes, despite the lack of posts, like, ever I'M HERE! SO! Yesterday was senior day, which is basically the day that marks the end of the year for seniors. No one real…

By The Water

Yesterday Nate and I went to the river to do a little bit of fishing, a little bit of wading, a little bit of just hanging out. It was an absolutely beautiful day! Here are some photos I snapped :)
Then I got in his waders and, well ya know, waded around.


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