Vlogs, Thievery and Last Times

Hello!!! Long time no blog... And of course, I have a good excuse! So funny story, my laptop got stolen! Always good always good..... life's just lobbing so many lemons at me and my lemonade is so freaking sour. Ugh. I don't know who stole it, but it was while I was at yoga, talk about a peaceful meditation. I backed up my computer just before going to Vieques, which isn't thaaaaaaat far back so I'll live, it's just annoying, ya know? One thing I am bummed about though? I vlogged my entire week last week and lost all footage. And let me tell you, that footage was dank. Dank as dank can be.

In other news!! Prom was last night!! Woohoo!! It was so SOOOOO much fun! Everyone looked so beautiful, the weather was perfect, Nate looked as handsome as ever, and man oh man the night couldn't have been better!! It's just so weird to think that this is really like the last shebang. I mean, we graduate in 34 days. THIRTY FOUR. Like kk bye high school career. Anywayyyy, here are some of my favorite photos from the night :)
The whole squad got ready at my house, where then our dates came to pick us up and take pics
 Then we all headed over to senior dinner!! Twas v good


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