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Good morning guys! I could apologize for being so MIA, but instead I'll just tell you what I've been up to. Besides non stop schoooool (yuck, only 47 days left!) I've had loads of meetings, sleepovers, very important naps, rehearsals, dates, performances, watching vlogs, celebrations and many other things. I guess you could say I haven't been blogging cause life got in the way a little bit. That's valid right?  I'm doing a week in the life vlog so be on the look out for that next weekend :)

Straight hair has sorta been a thing for me lately, and I totallllyyy dig it. What do y'all think? Although that is a thing, something that has been SO hard for me lately is trying to find new outfits to post. Probably another reason why my blog has been a little sleepy... But seriously, y'all have seen this jacket and these shoes a million and one times before. It's nearly impossible to keep my blog and my bank account happy at the same time. Go donate on my Go Fund Me for my wardrobe expansion. TY Babes.

What are y'all up to lately?
Oh yeah!! And I also have found a new love for making little outline drawings on Photoshop. They're hella easy and sooooooo fun and cool! Try it out! It's easier than you think. Just outline your pic! :))


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