New Room

Sup Fam! Hope y'all had a great week! Mine's been pretty stressful if I'm honest, it's been hot and rainy, I've been cooped up in my room working on my garment for the VMFA fashion show next week and in the theater either running lines and preforming in my schools spring show or rehearsing for the Censations concert this Sunday. Busy Busy BUSY! It's honestly nice to take a break from the glue gun and script to sit down and blog. Phew it's been a while... How are you guys?

I've had this skirt forEVER, but for some reason it NEVER comes out of my closet. Why not? Who knows... It's so amazing though that's for sure. I didn't add any photos of me twirling in it but it's basically just a HUGE circle skirt (I actually blogged it once before, lol at this post) And then of course, the top isn't a top, but a bodysuit, okay... it's a bathing suit... That's like the same thing... right? Right.
Oh! Also, these photos were taken on the balcony that's off of my new room in our new house! How COOL! I'm so hype to move! YAY!


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