Coachella Day One!!

jacket- Calvin Klein // dress- thrifted // shoes and hat- Forever 21 // necklace- gifted

Heyyyyy guys!!!!! Sooo I'm finally getting around to posting my Coachella Day one outfit post! Omg I just love Coachella!!!

Lol jk that is a lie
I am currently bouncing in a weird purple chair at my school weeping because I didn't go to Coachella and all these bloggers are showing off how much fun they hadddd.... ugh. BUT I AM actually going to Gov Ball in June and I am SO STOKED!! It is going to be SO fun! As festival season is upon us, I thought I'd share with you some cute festival inspired outfits!! Stuff that I'd probably wear to Coachella and what not... enjoy!

Did any of y'all go to Coachella?
So when dressing for a festival (and I've never been so I don't know first hand, but these are the trends man...) denim and crochet is KEY! Cause, even thought it's blazing hot during the day, it can get chilly once the sun goes down, so be sure to have a jacket or something you can wear. Also floppy hats and boots are absolute festival staples.



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