Vieques, Puerto Rico


HEY HEY HEY! Guess what?! I'M IN VIEQUES, PUERTO RICO! And man oh MAN is it beautiful! Today was only day one and so far nothing is better than this!
So, yesterday we arrived by this teeny tiny plane (which I flew by the way... more on that later), unfortunately Isabelle was on a different flight so we weren't with her until our final destination, and even more unfortunate, Ally couldn't come at all because she's doing a family spring break :(( Ally, you are very very very missed D: WE LOVE YOU!!!
 Here's what Vieques looks like from the sky. Look at that water! It's crystal clear!
Today we spent most of the time at the beach: snorkeling, doing yoga, taking naps, livin easy, you know you know, all that good stuff...

The beach we went to was a private beach called La Chiva or Blue Beach. All the beaches have Puerto Rican names and then military color names from the Navy. I've only ever been to North Carolina and New Jersey beaches, so I'm used to super dark and frothy oceans with large waves and plenty of people. But here, the water is warm, clear as day and the beaches are empty. This is my place. I don't think I'll ever leave...
This is the little town of Esperanza, it has a whole strip of restaurants that over look the water and all have terrific views of the sunset! We just stopped in for some shopping, where I bought a hammock (totally a good buy I swear it was not impulsive, I've had my eye on a hammock for god knows how long), and then I'm pretty sure are going there for dinner or something tomorrow. Woohoo!!
And yeah! That's pretty much it! God guys, I'm so sooooooOOOOO happy. The only thing that could make this better is having Ally here, but we know she's only a FaceTime away :)
I promise to post all throughout the week!! Also I'm working on a video too! Get excited!!!
Love you guys so much :) xo!

bathing suits:
on me: Old Navy, Isabelle: Old Navy, Joanna: Victoria's Secret, Katie: Target


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