Spring Blues

glasses and shoes- Forever 21 // top- Annabelle brand //skirt- L.L. Bean

Hello Hello! Apparently while I was gone I missed the best weather RVA has ever had, I mean I'm not complaining because I was in paradise, but now we are at the end of the good stuff. Basically its humid and rainy, BUT! Still warm! Spring is hereeeeee! At last!! And although I love love LOVED Vieques, it's good to be home.

Katie gave me this shirt last week, it's super duper comfy and sooooo cute. I love this cut, but the straps won't go straight back unless adjusted :( ehh whatever it's too cute to have that bug me. And this skirt I got on mega mega sale at a store called Rosewood, it used to be long long long long but I cut it and now it's all cute and bubbly. Thanks Rosewood!

I go back to school on Tuesday, It's been two hundred years weeks since I've been and I'm not ready... erggggg.....
Have a good week!!!



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