Vieques, Puerto Rico


Hello from Puerto Rico day three!! Sorry I didn't post last night, but honestly I was just WAAAAYYYY too tired. We've been busy man! But also yesterday was sort of a chill stormy quiet day, so I didn't really even have much to post. SO I've combined photos from yesterday AND today to give y'all a compilation of all the good Vieques stuff that's been going on lately.

Some highlights have definitely been the Bioluminescent Bay (which unfortunately none of my photos turned out for, so I have none) some amazing restaurants, and a whole lot of beaching. The thing with Vieques beaches is, is that they are all pretty much private. All of the beaches you have to drive to and then walk a little bit to, but that means they are totally secluded and quiet, which is AHHHMAZING for beaching. I mean, yes we have a beach in our backyard (featured above) but the current is too rough and it's sorta rocky, the other side of the island has better ones. And let me tell you they are BEAUTIFUL!

Anyway! Here are some pics that sum up these past few days :)
And that's pretty much it! I'm also making a video so get hype for that! I think I already told y'all that... idk. Okay I love you! xo


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