Long Weekend

shirt- Gap // jeans, sun glasses, necklaces- Forever 21 // shoes- ShoeMint

Hello spring chickens! That's a thing right? Spring chickens? It is now... Anyway, HOW ARE Y'ALL?! I miss you guys, I miss blogging, but HERE I AM! And it's a long weekend and SOOO beautiful out! Which means hella posting! Woohoo!! Let me tell you though, this little photoshoot was quite the process... Ally and I would get to a spot, realize my camera wasn't working, go get her camera, go back to the spot, see that there was no camera in the card, go get a card, get back to the spot again, see that the photos are coming out dark and grainy, get frusterated, struggle, struggle, struggleeeee... BUT THEN at LAST! We found this place, picked some of the beautiful tulips in the area and shot these lil babies! I'm quite proud, I love how they turned out! Thank you Ally Go for being the best photog around ;)

I knew I wanted to pose with flowers for this shot so I went for a simpler look. It's nothing too unique, I mean you've seen it all before, the bell bottoms and a square knot tied top with Forever 21 sunglasses... What else is new? Nothing. Literally nothing. But hey, why change the old if it's already so dang good? What's your go-to spring look?

Have a good long weekend! xo


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