Richmond, VA, USA

Last Load

top- Forever 21 // jacket- Calvin Klein // shorts- Lee // shoes- Rumors Boutique // glasses- Oscar Wylee

Hey kiddos! Last night was a very exciting night, why? WELLLLLLL, for starters I got to see Ally after almost two weeks of separation, and let me tell you my separation anxiety was for sure getting to me. What the heck am I going to do next year?! Secondly, I've ALWAYS wanted to take photos in a laundromat and I FINALLY did! Ally and I spent such a long time hunting for the perfect one. There was a cuter little one with blue walls that unfortunately was closing down as we were rolling up, so we settled for this one that although, was occupied by fellow launderers, was great. At first it was super awkward because this couple was just laughing at me as I climbed around and acted like a total goof, but once they left we got down to business and got some really cool shots! Shout out to A-Pop for being the best photographer ever! :)

And thirdly! If you hadn't noticed, I bought my own domain!! So goodbye and HELLOOOOO!! I feel sooooo professional now :))) What's good in your world?


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