HEY GUYS! Lately it's felt like summer out! I've been wearing shorts, sleeveless tops, little dresses and all the above. Whipping out the 'ol overalls never felt so good. Warm weather is my THING, I absolutely thrive off of the sunlight. I'm like a lizard getting all my energy and joy from just sitting on a rock in the sun. That's me, I'm the warm lizard.

These past days have been soooo freaking good, and things just don't stop looking up! There are good days ahead man. I'm such a happy noodle. From action packed weekends with friends, to spontaneous dates with my favorite guy, and yoga classes with Joanna, voting today, baking vegan donut holes and other delicacies, things have been soooooo sooo good. How lucky I am to be so incredibly happy and alive.
Here's what the full mural looks like11  ^^^ xo! Goodnight :)


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