Richmond, VA, USA

First Day of Spring

hat- Lou Lou // shoes- Chinese Laundry // co-ord- DIY

Happy not only first day of Spring but also NATIONAL HAPPINESS DAY!!! What a time to be alive! If I told you everything that is making me happy these days this post would be six pages long. I'm serious, everything is just so dang good! To give you a little hint of what's good, just tomorrow after school, I'm getting a mani and a pedi, and Ally and I are seeing Mutemath in concert (!!!), I can't wait!

In other news, what are your thoughts on this co-ord set I'm wearing? Because I bought this skirt a long time ago from Goodwill but it was SO awkwardly long and just blah the last time I wore it some guy asked me if I got "skirted" which is basically what happens when girls at my school wear too short skirts or shorts, they're forced to wear ugly long skirts... yeah, I wasn't too happy about it. BUT I snipped and hemmed here and there and made it into a two piece set! Booya!! I dig it a whole lot more now.

Also, I've been thinking about getting a hair cut, something similar to this. But I need to let my bangs grow out so I can cut it and have everything be the same length, ya feel? Thoughts? And I know you're going to be like "Olivia, your hair has looked like that before come on this is nothing new." But like, a hair cut is a haircut and those are always fun and new so be excited, okay? What's new for you?!


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