HELLO! I'm alive! I KNOW It's been forever and a day since I've blogged, but I actually have an excuse, my camera COMPLETELY broke. I sent it into Canon to get them to fix it and they SENT IT BACK, saying it was absolutely UNFIXABLE. I shed a tear over it, it's okay, it's not like my life revolves around my camera or anything... don't worry about it.

ANYWAY!!! Last night I celebrated my eighteenth birthday! It was absolutely, by far the best night ever. To celebrate I got together with my best best friends and had a formal dinner in my new house! Which was cool because we just got the house last week and it is still completely empty! Spooky I know! Thanks to Ally for letting me borrow her camera for the night, here are a few photos from the party :)
Everything was silver, gold, and sparkly! SO glamorous. For dinner we had, egg rolls, pesto spirals, two types of pasta, and some salad! For dessert we of course had cake, and then an ice cream sundae bar!!
My mom and I set up three different backdrops for photobooth stations, it was such a success and SO much fun!
 And to finish off the night, SPARKLERS!
I had such an amazing time last night. Being surrounded by all the people I love so much never felt so good. Here's to being 18!!! And shout out to my mom for being SO incredible with helping put it all together! It would NOT have been possible without her :)


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