2016 2016 2016!!

Hello! I know it's not New Years Eve or anything, but it's never too late to share some resolutions right? So I thought I'd share an update from last years resolutions and then set some new ones.

Click here to view the ones from last year. And the ones I actually accomplished are: Journal every night, pay more attention and really strive for excellence in school, sing often, love everyone to the fullest yet also be selfish...put myself first, and care for myself. I want to always be healthy and in good peace with myself, at all times.

And then I did a bucket list for 2015: the pink ones are ones I actually accomplished. And even though I didn't check everything off I'm super proud of all that I did!!

1. Go to New York and meet bloggers this summer
2. Bike to Williamsburg
3. Drink Hot Chocolate from every coffee shop in RVA on a search for the best coco around
4. Go to a Lana Del Rey and another Avett Brothers concert
5. Master the art of the Mug Cake The mug cake is dead. They are so gross. RIP Mug cakes
6. Go out of the country
7. Get a job
8. Tube down the James River with my best friends
9. Make homemade pasta
10. Go to a music festival
11. Apply and get into the college of my dreams!
12. Go on a roadtrip with my best friends
13. Visit Mimi in Dallas and Visit Uncle JJ in Portland
14. Meet someone famous
15. Ride rollercoasters
16. Zipline (!!!)
17. Stargaze in the back of a truck with a bunch of pillows and blankets (hehe)
18. Get another piercing
19. Go to Madame Tusades!!! Seriously I've always wanted to go but never have... It'll be so creepy, I can't wait!
20. Perfect my chocolate chip cookie recipe and find the best way to make the best cookies, ever.
21. Do lots of art projects, especially the ones I never got around to doing, but had ideas for // finish old art projects  

Okay so I really didn't do much off of this, but 2015 was SUCH an incredible year. I wouldn't change ANYTHING about it :) 
And now let's talk about 2016. So unlike last year, I'm not going to make a huge list of resolutions telling me to run and get a bikini bod because I'm so incredibly happy with my body. I'm not going to beat myself up when I don't eat healthy every single day because I LOVE cake and cookies and no, I will not stop eating all the gluten in the world because bread is my best friend. No more negativity, this year I'm going to make some promises to myself, some nonresolution-resolutions. Here we go:
I promise to drive fast with the windows down in a car full of my best friends on the sunny days, and on the rainy days, cuddle up with the ones I love and watch scary movies even though I know I'll be totally spooked, it'll be alright when I'm wrapped up in blankets and the arms of another.
I promise to star gaze and laugh and dance and sing in places where I feel like queen of the world. Promise to take photos of people when they aren't looking and the lighting is just right so I can capture the essence of a perfect moment with a friend. I'll wear all of my favorite clothes and colors and feel fabulous in them because I know that the body under that fabric is healthy and confident in who I am. More time will be spent telling people how much I like and appreciate them because everyone needs to hear that. I will listen to rap, bluegrass, power ballads and everything in between, because any music that makes you happy is good music. So maybe I wont run faster and further, or loose weight and make a bunch of money and become a super celebrity, but I will soak up all the good times and work through bad ones, I will be happy as a clam and feel full of life at all times.

What will you do?


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