Winter Never Came

shirt, boots and bag- Forever 21 // 

Good Morning! So without me yapping on about how horrific Global Warming and this radical climate change is, since I do not think this is the place for that, I like to let you all know that winter in fact never came this year. Yes, we did have a few cold days, but it's forever fall here now. And sometimes, even summer... It's been in the 60s all week and then 70s this weekend. And honestly, the little ecobug in me is, but the warm weather lovin Olivia is totally not complaining. That's probably why I'm going to Georgia next year where it's always like this Global Warming or not...

Anyway, let's get to the good stuff. FRINGE OMG! I'm obsessed. And you can never have too much, like combining this backpack with this skirt was a match made in heaven. Thank you fringe Gods for blessing me with your beauty and grace. And honestly, I'm so glad for this weather cause it's letting me wear short shorts and mini skirts just a little longer.

As for this weekend, I'm cooped up in my room endlessly studying. Exams are coming this week and I MUST get all As. I know I'm already in college and everything, but I want to end the year off with fantastic grades so SCAD doesn't have to second guess themselves or something scary like that!!
What are your weekend plans? xo



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