Holiday Party Look!!

Hey guys!! Seeing as it is that time of year when you probably find yourself getting dressed up and going out more often than not, I thought I'd share with you my go-to holiday look :)

It's actually pretty simple. I LOVE makeup, but for me I think that less is usually more. So, with that in mind I just went with a gold eye and double winged eyeliner with a bold bright red lip. Typically during any other season my nails will be black, but I LOVE having them sparkly red!! They're so cute and festive! As for my hair I just threw it up in a somewhat messy top knot cause, why knot... haaaaa ha see what I did three...? lol

And yeah that's pretty much it! Also I'm wearing this dress. It's a transformer dress wish is practically magic, check out their website to see all the different styles!! I HIGHLY recommend getting one of these. I already have a couple :-0

Hope y'all have a good holiday season! I've got a Christmas DIY coming soon!!! <3 <3 xo


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