Fruity Smoothie Jars!!!

Good morning babes! Feeling like you ate waaaay too much chocolate and Christmas cookies this past week? Heck, I know I did. It's time for something healthy, and TOTALLY delicious to come your way. with, SMOOTHIE JARS WOOHOO!!!! And they're super easy to make! All you need is some frozen fruit for blending and some fresh fruit and seeds and such for layering and making it look beautiful!

For this go-round, I used:
       For the blending- frozen bananas, strawberries and mangos
       For the layering- pomegranates, kiwi, blueberries, hemp seeds, and chia seeds.
All easy to find delicious stuff!

So here's the one thing that gets tricky, when making it, the smoothie part can melt pretty dang fast, so what Joanna and I did (I made these with Joanna) was after each layer or so, we'd put them in the freezer while we prepared our next layer.

And that's it! They're super fun and easy to make and totally pretty! Have fun and enjoy :) xo



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