Favorite Color

dress and jacket- Forever 21 // shoes- Hidden Fashion

Pink is my absolute, no questions asked, all time favorite and I mean FAVORITE color!! It's lovely, bright, and just radiates happiness. Pink is so incredible to wear if you want to feel like a true superstar, and I feel exactly like that in this dress!! I recently got it from Forever 21 and am TOTALLY in love! I have to thank Ally 100% for it though, she was the one who brought it to me saying, "try this on, you have to, do it now." She was right... I love it!

So the reason most of the photos are super giggly, smiley and jumpy is because pretty much the entire time shooting these we were being watched by construction workers and other random people coming in and out of the Virginia Eye Institute, (PSA: the eye institute is a fantastic place to take photos) But yeah my "don't judge me I'm a fashion blogger" awkwardness came out. Whatevers it made for some cute pics :) xo



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