Bandannas + some exciting news!!

sweater- Forever 21 // hat- Target // jeans- Forever 21 (ripped by me) // shoes- TrendsGal

Bandannas, ripped jeans and black hats man, what's better? Probably nothing... at least not when it comes to my wardrobe radar at the moment that is. I feel like I have totally worn this outfit here many times before, but honestly it's pretty hard not to repeat and redo outfits when it comes to blogging. Surprise! I don't have a zillion clothes! And I do rewear outfits! Like ALL THE TIME! But who doesn't... Kylie Jenner probably... Speaking of, do y'all follow her on Snapchat? Cause I did but I just had to unfollow cause I was too overwhelmed with a billion seconds everyday of videos of her just listening to rap music pursing her lips moving the camera around to get different angles, and her putting her entire hand over Tyga's face... pls I don't need that in my life rn Kylizzle, chill...

Besides being overwhelmed by Kylizzlemynizzle on Snapchat, my life has been SO BUSY! Between tech week and the musical every day to various art instalations and exhibits to college college college...

But now, I FINALLY can catch a breath because....... not only is the show over but............. I GOT INTO COLLEGE!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!! SCAD CLASS OF 2020 HERE I COME! I am SO excited! I got into my number one school! I'm so hype to be a Bee!!! I can't wait! EEEEP!!! More news on that coming soon!! xoxo


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