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dress + belt- Forever 21 // hat- Target

Hey fam. Lately we've been struck with some massive heat waves. And as much as climate change horrifies me, I'm a big fan of the sunshine and wearing all things short and backless. I've worn this hat over, and over, and over again, and I LOVE wide brim flippy hats and they aren't hard to come by but they can be expensive and I for some reason, in all my shopping endeavors, have yet to buy another. Here are some of my favorites, 1 // 2 // 3 // 4. I'm asking for a few for Christmas, maybe Santa is feeling generous this year (fingers crossed). As far as this dress goes, I am obsessed with EVERYTHING backless. Bring on all the backless dresses please!

So unfortunately, (you can't tell in these photos), but I have been pretty sick lately. The glands in my throat are so so swollen and so painful. YUCK! Also, my lips are infinitely chapped and killing me. And when my lips get chapped it's not like, "Oh yeah put some chap stick on it'll be better!" No. I wish. It's more like, "Okay, well carry this Vaseline around with you everywhere in hopes your lips wont burn and bleed anymore and pray you wont get made fun of for the perpetual ring of glossy Vaseline around your mouth." It's a nightmare.

In other news, school starts again tomorrow, ugh... I hope y'all have been doing well, no chapped lips and free schedules? That's the dream...



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