Warm Up

Hello Hello! It's finally the weekend! Whoohoo! I hope y'all have been fab. I know I have.
Okay can we talk about this shirt for one second, and just rave about how AWESOME it is?!?! I found it in Ally's closet the other day and was like, "WHY DON'T YOU EVER WEAR THIS?!" She claimed she had, then made a lot of fun of me for wearing it with a bandanna... block out the haters

After being negative zero degrees the previous week, the sun actually decided to come out and it was really really nice. I got to wear jean shorts and actually be COMFORTABLE. wild. However, my house is absolutely ridiculously cold to the point that I get home from school and immediately put on my fuzzy footie-pajamas with a sweatshirt over top and fuzzy socks. Now that's madness. 


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