Pop Of Color

sweater, dress + belt- Forever 21 // shoes- Hidden Fashion

Good Morning! FINALLY! SATURDAY!! Still so much rain around here, and it's still muggy as anything, but buildings are still totally overcompensating on the A/C making it FREEZING everywhere inside. Which meannnnssss I can wear SWEATERS! YAYAYA! There is NOTHING better than a cozy sweater. Thank you Forever 21 for providing me with all my turtleneck needs <3

Lately I've been scoping some super colorful Instagrams (1 // 2 // 3) and wishing my feed had more color!! I'll admit I vary in themes, from pastely-floraly to black and white, to blues and then just a lot of industrial pics, but I absolutely LOVE the feeds that are LOADED with color! So I've been trying to take photos with pops of color to make my feed a bit more cheery :)) What's your Instagram? Comment below and I'll check it out!


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