Oh Wonder

jacket- Calvin Klein // jeans= Forever 21

Nothing like a good 'ol joutfit am I right ladies? My two loves- over sized denim jackets and embellished shoes from my moms closet. I've been really excited about stepping up my shoe game lately. (get it? stepping? shoes? hahaha I'm great) Man Repeller has inspired me to go big with footwear, cause WHY THE HECK NOT?! Leandra knows her ish when it comes to shoes. Shoe faves? Just check out my Polyvore! 

It's Friyeday Friyeday gotta get down on Friyeday! For real tho, more like gotta get down in bed for a nap and some intimate cheeto eating one on none with the bae I don't have. Yeah pretty much though... This past week and the last I've basically only been listening to Oh Wonder. I kinda pirated their most recent album and I'm obsessed. I can't decide if Drive or Landslide is my favorite... or Technicolor Beast, gosh they're all so good. Go listen!

Have a good weekend!




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