jeans- Hidden Fashion

Pink on Pink on Pink on Pinkkkk.... I really like this outfit, not only is pink my favorite color, but I love mom jeans every day all day. Not only are they so comfy, but they are just so unflatteringly flattering. Does that make sense? Just the way they hug zero of my curves and make my legs look shapeless, works. Call me crazy but I love it.

I spent some time in the museum with Ally this weekend, thinking that it'd be super cool taking photos around and next to all the art. Okay, it was way more difficult and complicated than you'd think. For real it was pretty high maintenance, either it was way too dark or there were too many people around looking at the art, or those people who really like to digest the art and meditate. How annoying are we over here with a loud DSLR and me being like "does this look okay?" "what's a good pose?" "omg could you take it from this angle?" Basically we aren't peaceful to meditate with. Hope you can be chiller than we were... it won't be hard I'm sure...



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