jacket- thrifted // pants- Forever 21 (cut myself) // shoes- Urban Outfitters // scarf- vintage // shirt- Forever 21

This outfit makes me want to jump on a moped in France and just zip around Paris on a Sunday morning with tulips in the basket under the handlebars... Do you ever feel like certain outfits give you a story or new personality? Lol this sounds like some college essay *forever in the college app mindset* Unfortunately I am neither in Paris nor do I own a moped, (or even a license for that matter) but I can still dress like I do right? Hahaha a girl can dream... Writing this makes me want to eat a baguette or something now... hahahaha ~*Parisian vibes*~
I got a request to make a playlist, possibly a fall playlist? So I was thinking, I'll start doing monthly playlists again :) coming soon... coming soon.....


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