shirt- Old Navy // sun glasses- Forever 21 // jacket- Target

Black and white stripes forever and always. I swear striped shirts will never go out of style, and I am not complaining about it. Something about this look is so classic which I love. My mom just got back from Texas visiting my grandma and she brought home a bunch of Mimi's old stuff. Including this AH-MAZING skirt and purse!!! Unfortunately I didn't get any full body pics for the skirt, but it goes to a little below the knees and is so SO perfect. I love it. Also I'm a sucker for anything beaded so this purse is dynamite.

Currently I am loosing a battle between attempting to write this post and my two ton eyelids. So I'm gunna keep this short. Life lately has just been art art art aRT ART ART AND MORE ART. Trying to build a portfolio a lot of work. On another unrealted note, I was looking through old pics and kinda want to redye my hair. Thoughts? COMMENT BELOW!! <3 have a lovely weekend!!



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