Jump In

I realize that I already have a post titled this, however I couldn't resist seeing as I'm wearing my all time favorite jumper. Literally, what is better than a denim jumper? NOTHING. My entire outfit in this is vintage and I dig it a lot. Nothing really fits, but that's one of the best parts, it's all so loose. It's me attempting to play with proportions like all the magazines say to do these days. Also, I have big plans for these shoes in the near future, so stay tuned.....

It's Thursday. Nothing is really up in my life, just that I should be hearing from colleges pretty soon, at the moment I'm just in the middle, waiting. Am I in or am I out? I just wanna know, NOW! Ugh... I have big plans for the future, how am I supposed to follow them if I don't know what my next step will be? Come on colleges... Get back to me! Please?



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