Gooooooooooood Morning! So I've got some exciting news!
are you ready?
are you sureee...?
Yay!! I've been so excited to tell you guys this for a while now but had to wait for everything to be officially offfical if you know what I mean. Luckily, we are still staying in Richmond, but out of suburbia and into The Fan! If you know me or have been reading here for a while, you'd know that my best friend Ally lives there and I've been so in love with that part of town since ninth grade when I met Ally. And the best part?! I'm only three blocks away from her! THREE BLOCKS! (sort of...) But hey, that's WAY better than our old fifteen minutes!!

Anyway, even though it won't be a while until we actually move in (the old owners have to move out then we are doing some renovations etc etc) I'm already getting excited on how to decorate my room. Here's the thing, I will essentially be moving twice in a year, into my new house, and into college. woooooooo... But hey I LOVE decorating so it will be fun :) Here's some inspiration that I've picked up off various corners of the internet. My room now is very colorful and bright, which I LOVE, but I'm really digging the minimalistic chill lofty vibe that these photos have. My room is similar to some of these, in the way that the celing is slanted and stuff like that. Let me know what you think!!!!


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