Blue Lenses

jeans- Forever 21 // shoes- Shoe Mint

I've never had a perfect pair of jeans. Not until now that is... thank you Forever 21 for fulfilling all of my denim desires. Not only are they high waisted but they're bell bottoms!! *heart eyes, heart eyes, HEART EYES!* I haven't been a huge jeans, or really pants in general person until recently, and I really do like it a lot. Also, speaking of recent loves, how about this whole necktie/scarf look? Typically you'd seen it done with a bandanna but I thought, "hey why not mix it up a little bit and idk, use an actuall neck scarf?!" wild I know. But also it was red bandanna or no deal for me, and I could only find a yellow one / didn't feel like driving to Walmart to buy a red one for 97¢. Yes, I did look online and considered buying one... just for these photos... yes.

Anyway, I hope you all had a fabulous long weekend, I know I did. It started out very cold, but turned out to be absolutely beautiful! It was a weekend full of family too which is always fantastic. My cousin got married on Saturday, so I got to spend a lot of time with my fave lil cousins who came up for that. What did you guys do?




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