Warm Up

Hello Hello! It's finally the weekend! Whoohoo! I hope y'all have been fab. I know I have.
Okay can we talk about this shirt for one second, and just rave about how AWESOME it is?!?! I found it in Ally's closet the other day and was like, "WHY DON'T YOU EVER WEAR THIS?!" …


shirt- Old Navy // sun glasses- Forever 21 // jacket- Target

Black and white stripes forever and always. I swear striped shirts will never go out of style, and I am not complaining about it. Something about this look is so classic which I love. My mom just got back from Texas visiting my grandma a…


Gooooooooooood Morning! So I've got some exciting news!
are you ready?
are you sureee...?
Yay!! I've been so excited to tell you guys this for a while now but had to wait for everything to be officially offfical if you know what I mean. Luckily, we are still st…


Little did you know all those posts came with a video... hehehe
Have a great weekend :)


Oh Wonder

jacket- Calvin Klein // jeans= Forever 21

Nothing like a good 'ol joutfit am I right ladies? My two loves- over sized denim jackets and embellished shoes from my moms closet. I've been really excited about stepping up my shoe game lately. (get it? stepping? shoes? hahaha I'm great) Man…

Jump In

I realize that I already have a post titled this, however I couldn't resist seeing as I'm wearing my all time favorite jumper. Literally, what is better than a denim jumper? NOTHING. My entire outfit in this is vintage and I dig it a lot. Nothing really fits, but that's one of the best…


jeans- Hidden Fashion

Pink on Pink on Pink on Pinkkkk.... I really like this outfit, not only is pink my favorite color, but I love mom jeans every day all day. Not only are they so comfy, but they are just so unflatteringly flattering. Does that make sense? Just the way they hug zero of my curves…

Blue Lenses

jeans- Forever 21 // shoes- Shoe Mint

I've never had a perfect pair of jeans. Not until now that is... thank you Forever 21 for fulfilling all of my denim desires. Not only are they high waisted but they're bell bottoms!! *heart eyes, heart eyes, HEART EYES!* I haven't been a huge jean…

What I Wish I Were Wearing This Fall

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini red wool sweater, $350 / Boutique Moschino polka dot pants, $300 / Charlotte Olympia white leather sneaker, $530 / Leather hobo shoulder bag / Ray-Ban metal glasses

Good Morning everyone! I know I know I haven't posted in a million blogger years, but keep in mind …

Pop Of Color

sweater, dress + belt- Forever 21 // shoes- Hidden Fashion

Good Morning! FINALLY! SATURDAY!! Still so much rain around here, and it's still muggy as anything, but buildings are still totally overcompensating on the A/C making it FREEZING everywhere inside. Which meannnnssss I can wear SWEATERS…


Hey guys! Like I said, I got a request for a fall playlist, but I just thought, why not make an October playlist! I think I want to start doing them every month, cause what's better than new music! So here you go, some mood music for October :) stay cool homies! xo


jacket- thrifted // pants- Forever 21 (cut myself) // shoes- Urban Outfitters // scarf- vintage // shirt- Forever 21

This outfit makes me want to jump on a moped in France and just zip around Paris on a Sunday morning with tulips in the basket under the handlebars... Do you ever feel like certain …


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