The Folk Collection

on me: top- Zara // hat- Target // pants- Forever 21 //
on Cammie: dress- Forever 21 // necklace- Altar'd State //

It may be 90 degrees outside, but maybe if I wear neutrals, warmer colors and velvet, Fall will come sooner.... or maybe I'll just sweat a lot more...... I've actually taken photos at this location before, but in winter so it looked very very different. You can see those photos here if you want. But this time, instead of taking photos with Maddy, I took them with Cammie! (Hey Maddy, ily) Cammie is a sophomore, possibly my all time favorite sophomore. She and I are relatively new friends but I feel like I've known her for forever. Not to mention she is the #1 to take photos with. Look how photogenic she is! Total babe alert, am I right? Also I just love how folksy these photos turned out!! I'm way into that look as well now :)

It's Labor Day weekend, and I've spent it doing all sorts of painting, rearranging, decorating, essay writing, photo editing, Harry Potter watching, Hamlet reading, all the above and so much more, so not exactly a lot of relaxing... ughhhh. Hey ya know, your girls gettin' stuff done!! Heck yeah! I think tomorrow I am going to take some cool tree photos... I have an idea but I'm not so sure how it'll turn out... we'll see. Also I have been craving a smoothie bowl, so be checking insta (@olivebarrett) for smoothie updates ;)

Have a terrific night, hope your long weekend is nothing but pleasant! xx



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