Tennis Courts

Hey guys! I've always wanted to do a photoshoot on a tennis court but I've never really quite had the perfect tennis outfit. I've gotten really into wearing one piece bathing suits as tops, there's something about how well they fit and just how flattering they are, also not to mention the iconic appeal of anything vintage. Also, flirty little tennis skirts are my weakness, soooooo basically this entire outfit is my jam. Also the fact that I got home and noticed on Snapchat the US Open live story was on, what a coincidence! 

So yesterday was my last first day of high school. I'm a senior!!! Finally guys, FINALLY. It was super fun, we all dressed up as princesses because "this is our k1n6dom" get it? '16? Class of 2016? Yeah it was awesome.

I'll talk to you homies later, bye!! xx


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