Shades Of Cool

romper- Tobi // shoes- Trendsgal

TGIW am I right ladies?!!! Sorry I've been MIA for twelve billion years, but I've been SO FLIPPING BUSY! Oh my god... don't even get me started, the sleep I'm not getting right now is too much. Honestly, way too much... And I know I posted one of these photos on Instagram the other day saying "coming soooon" and then just never posted... sorry for that... like I said, busy busy busy!

Other than all that, currently the weather has been nothing but nastyness. It'll rain, it'll pour, it's humid and just gross. Where the heck if fall already?! It's basically October people, come on Mother Nature... But hey, I guess while it's still 80 out I can wear lil rompers like this!! Just how cute is it?! It's actually my friend's sisters, but I LOVE it, I'm not ready to part and give it back....

The State Fair is this weekend and I'm going with a few of my friends, what are you guys looking forward to this weekend? xo


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