shirt- Urban Outfitters// leggings- Forever 21 // boots- Hidden Fashion // necklace- Show The Love

Hello!! At last, I am back and better than ever! And now, with BANGS! What do you think? It was just about a week ago when I was babysitting trolling around on pinterest after they went to bed and just fell in love with bangs all over again. If you remember, this is not the first time I've had bangs... I think I did a better job a second time around though, lol. Now with bangs I feel either super edgy or super folky and I LOVE it. Also I love channeling my inner Lacey from America's Next Top Model which is a HUGE plus. Not only is she the best (next to Nyle duh) but she's absolutely stunning! WOOHOO! #bangerz

Lately school's really been catching up to me, I want to spend all my time blogging and working on the loft but honestly, right now it's all about SAT prep, college apps, and making my portfolio. School's tough man, I just want it to be second semester already, ugh! What are you guys up to lately? To see more of me irl, follow me on snapchat (olivia.ruffin) for an even closer look into my life. Cause that's totally not creepy at all ;)

Love you guys to the moon and back! <3



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