Shades Of Cool

romper- Tobi // shoes- Trendsgal

TGIW am I right ladies?!!! Sorry I've been MIA for twelve billion years, but I've been SO FLIPPING BUSY! Oh my god... don't even get me started, the sleep I'm not getting right now is too much. Honestly, way too much... And I know I posted one of th…


skirt + top- Forever 21 // hat- Target

Monday MonDAY MONDAY! Good morning little love bugs <3 It's still sunny and 85 degrees here, yet I refuse to not fully embrace fall. It's coming I swear!! I recently bought this skirt in a reletivly large skirt haul from Forever 21 and I love it!! T…


shirt- Urban Outfitters// leggings- Forever 21 // boots- Hidden Fashion // necklace- Show The Love

Hello!! At last, I am back and better than ever! And now, with BANGS! What do you think? It was just about a week ago when I was babysitting trolling around on pinterest after they went to bed and ju…

The Folk Collection

on me: top- Zara // hat- Target // pants- Forever 21 //
on Cammie: dress- Forever 21 // necklace- Altar'd State //

It may be 90 degrees outside, but maybe if I wear neutrals, warmer colors and velvet, Fall will come sooner.... or maybe I'll just sweat a lot more...... I've actually tak…

Tennis Courts

Hey guys! I've always wanted to do a photoshoot on a tennis court but I've never really quite had the perfect tennis outfit. I've gotten really into wearing one piece bathing suits as tops, there's something about how well they fit and just how flattering they are, also not to ment…


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