HELLO HELLO HELLO!!!! So I'm back home and back on the ol' Sunday brunch train, and this time with Isabelle!! Isabelle leaves for ITALY for her year abroad this week and gosh I'm just going to miss her so much. Who's going to be the little sister I never had now?! Ugh I'm 99.9% excited for her and 1% jealous, let's me real-- it's the other way around. Nah I'm v excited for my lil homie.

ANNNNYYYWAYY, Isabelle showed me this cute little breakfast + lunch (brunch!) spot called Lamplighter, I've always wanted to go but tbh didn't know where it is and.... yo girl can't drive soo. But pretty much, we both wanted to get the french toast but they were all out, so we just made it sorta a cafe coffee date. It was fun! Not only did we get brunch, but also did some shopping and of course, had a lil photoshoot (duh)
On Isabelle: shirt- Zara // skirt, shoes + bag- Urban Outfitters //
On Meeee: glasses- thrifted // shirt- Urban Outfitters // jeans- Forever 21 // shoes- ShoeMint // septum ring- Forever 21

Okay so little side note y'all, I loveeee septum rings, I am all about them, but here's the thing, I just don't think they're for me, I WISH I could rock them... but I just don't know. What do you guys think, do you like them?


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