Ridin' Solo

shirt+shoes- Forever 21 // jeans- IZod

Hey Fam! Today I watched The Incredibles and after hearing the quite iconic line, "fly home Buddy, I work alone" it got me thinking... "hmmmmm, working alone, I do that! And sometimes it's not so easy... why wouldn't Mr. Incredible want help? weird". Working alone. All the time you hear bloggers being like, "how I launched my blog into a multimillon dollar business" (@abeautifulmess.....) or like, "I am a full time blogger, this is my company!" Which I just think is the coolest thing in the world, like, all though I don't have a team constantly working on my blog with me, I am capable of creating a brand for myself.

My aunt said last week, (something along the lines of) "It's so cool now with all this social media and blogging, you don't need to get hundreds of internships or jobs to try to make it to the top, you just have to get people reading about you, and you can do it all on your own!" And that is exactly what I plan to do. Yes, I'll have internships and jobs here and there, but the fact that I can express who I am with just a camera and a laptop I think is SO cool!! So on that note, I thought I'd share some thoughts, tips, experiences if you will, on working alone. This is pretty blogger specific, but yeah, enjoyyyy...
Self Timer Struggles// Man oh man, the harsh reality that not everyone and anyone is always willing to take photos of you at any given moment is rough. So this is where good ol' self timer comes in. And let me tell you, it is NOT easy. Back in the day when I just used a point and shoot, things were a breeze... but not quite as simple with a DSLR and complex lenses. There are so many different levels and trying to get something in focus is SO DANG HARD. I used to have a self timer remote (thanks ally!) but it stopped working... maybe it ran out of battery? The world may never know...
Slump City// Yes, there will be times when you're feeling sorta alone and don't even know if anyone really is reading your blog, "Why am I even doing this?" "This takes up so much time?" "I have no one to motivate me" "Where my squad at?".  Okay Okay Okay, take a breathhhherrrrrr, everything is going to be OKAY! You started this blog in the first place to express your love for fashion (that's me at least, what do you love?) No you aren't surrounded with employees to tell you where to shoot photos, the budget for that DIY project, what to simply do next, or where to go with that run on sentence... But you gotta hand it to yourself, you've made it this far being a strong independent online personality, you can keep going!
Connection Disconnection// After a few months of blogging I started getting attention from other bloggers through comments, collaboration inquiries, and things of that nature. But then there was some sort of lull... Honestly, I don't really get any comments any more, which is actually pretty sad! I LOVE hearing what my readers think! It means the world to know your reading! I mean yeah, I can look at my Blogger Stats page and see where in the world all this traffic is coming from, but it's way nicer to see your names and what you honestly think about my content! Also, collaboration is a HUGE blogger thing. Being sponsored is a BIG deal and SOOO awesome if you get the chance to have a few sponsors!! Sometimes they'll reach out to you, but the real way to get attention, especially if you are working independently, is to reach out yourself. Email email EMAIL! Comment connect COLLABORATE!!! It's honestly, SOO easy, and it's a GREAT way to get your name out there on other platforms.

Well, that's all I have for now, I could go on and on and ON about blogging and how its effected me and all that jazz, but it's 1:38 am and I am about to passsss outttt. I've got lots of college-y things to do tomorrow! Weee! I hope this was if not slightly helpful, somewhat interesting. I love you all so SO much. Thanks for being the BEST ever! xx


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