Let's Get Lost

Hey Homies, I have been trying all summer long to take photos in this dress but every time I just fail. I can't find the perfect place or way to style it. It's not floor length, but like ankle length and sort of awkward fitting but I love it so SO much. It just does not shoot well, until now... We stumbled across a corn field as one typically does, and just hopped right in. I only got four thousand or so bug bites, but it was worth it. It was also semi magic hour and the lighting was just perfect. I am really happy at how these photos turned out :)

I have been so super busy lately. Ally and I have taken on quite the project recently which is a pretty big surprise that I will share on here v soon. But it's really taken up a lot of time and work. I am SO excited to show you guys though!!! It's going to be so much fun to have this year and EEEPP!! I'm getting excited just THINKING about it!!

However I do have a pretty bad headache at the moment, so before I get too excited and like strain something in my head, I gotta shower and take a nap. I love you guys to the end of the earth <3


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