Hello Hello Lovelies <3
Today is our last night at the beach, I have sand in my bed, water in my ears and haven't gotten the slightest bit tan, but I do not want to leave. This week has been so magical, it's flown by SO quickly though! I used to come here every year since I can remember, but it had been four years, and let me tell you it's not easy cramming four lost years into four days. I have been begging my dad to let me get "beach braids" aka cornrows whilst being here but he keeps saying no. So lame right? Lol, I want to channel my inner Kylie Jenner and just rock some sick braids, but I guess not... ugh.

That's all for now, sending all my love your way. We are supposed to get hit with some mad thunderstorms these next few days, so stay cozy and comfy my east coast babies! 
Oh, and just a reminder to stay swaggy for all of time, and, follow me on instagram. @olivebarrett


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