Spy - feat. Trends Gal

blouse and vest- Forever 21 // jeans- Old Navy // shoes- Trends Gal

Sup homies, let me tell you, when we were shooting these photos it was nonstop sweat. How lovely right? The world of fashion blogging truly is oh so glamorous... Anyway, the beautiful ladies over at Trends Gal sent me these shoes to show off to you guys, aren't they so cool!? I wish I got a better close up shot to shoe (show) (haha I'm punny) you guys, but unfortunately, none came out clearly. I went for a sort of tough-ish rocker chick look to style these shoes. I feel like they're for either a total outer space floraly girl, or a rocker chick. But hey! Anyone can rock them that's for sure!!

Thanks Trends Gal!
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