shorts- Calvin Klein (used to be pants, I cut them) // shirt and shoes- Hidden Fashion

High waisted anything remain a staple of warm weather fashion in closets all around the world. I think that every girl should have a pair of high waisted shorts in their wardrobe, they are so flattering, comfortable, and super super cute. Here are some affordable high waisted shorts:
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //

Nothing beats that fabulous feeling when you feel your hot shoulders and arms and just know you're burning, sweat rolling down your face in between your eye brows and just being tired all the time cause of how drained you are from the sun... oh wait, no, that feeling sucks. There is nothing I hate more (that's a lie) than hot hot weather. Muggy air, always feeling sticky, red flushed complexion, just gross greasy hair all the time. Heat does this to me and I hate it. Sorry to be a total negative Nelly, but seriously, it's so so gross. Please just let me stay inside all day long in the AC with Bob's Burgers and a comfy pair of fuzzy socks, I live a really simple life, that's all..
p.s. this song was stuck in my head while shooting these photos, seemed fitting...

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