Spy - feat. Trends Gal

blouse and vest- Forever 21 // jeans- Old Navy // shoes- Trends Gal

Sup homies, let me tell you, when we were shooting these photos it was nonstop sweat. How lovely right? The world of fashion blogging truly is oh so glamorous... Anyway, the beautiful ladies over at Trends Gal sent me these shoes…

The xx

Courtney and I took some photos during magic hour the other day and these photos turned out better than expected. 

My Internship at Verdalina!

Happy Thursday! A few weeks ago I got the amazing opportunity to intern at the store, Verdalina. It was so much fun! I learned so much, from ordering new clothes for the upcoming season, to working with customers, and being backstage at a photoshoot! It was a fantastic week, I met some really wond…


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!! Today is my glorious mamasita's birthday! I wish I could spend the day with her but I'm out here in South Carolina.

I love love LOVE you so much and miss you SO much! I hope today is the best day EVER and this year is EVEN BETTER!!! Here's to turning 21! Don'…


sweater- Wet Seal // shirt- Hollister // shorts- Target // shoes- Converse

Hey guys! Right now I am in South Carolina visiting my best friend from camp, Courtney! This entire outfit is by Courtney. Her style is very boho festivalish, which is very very in right now! Go Curt! I have never really w…

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to this cool cat! Sorry I couldn't spend the day with you but I love you so SO much!

Guys, I have the COOLEST, most AMAZING, TERRIFIC pops in the entire universe! Be jealous...


shorts- Calvin Klein (used to be pants, I cut them) // shirt and shoes- Hidden Fashion

High waisted anything remain a staple of warm weather fashion in closets all around the world. I think that every girl should have a pair of high waisted shorts in their wardrobe, they are so flattering, comfor…

Demin Days + A Giveaway!!

Hey babiess, I know I know, it's been FOREVER, what like three hundred years? Yeah, something like that since I last blogged... But hey! I'm here now, and this time, WITH A GIVEAWAY! Everybody is lovin on watermelon lately in the retail world, exhibit a, b, c, d... you get it, I mean, what…


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